And then I got hit by a truck. Literally.

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Just got hit by a truck 1.5 blocks from home this afternoon. Dislocated finger, loads of bruises, nothing broken no internal damage. 4 hours in the ER. Man they work FAST when you say “I just got hit by a car while riding a motorcycle and my neck hurts.”

My bike? She’s more than likely totaled. Front end is wobbling, every part is snapped or smashed. Gas tank is punctured. Crash bars bent, saddlebag is cracked and broken, brake pedal is bent, throttle cable ripped off, right grip ripped clean through the metal, mirror snapped at the bolt. Windshield mount is mangled, light bar snapped in half, turn signal broke off. Chrome floorboard cover is ground on the side. The front end of the bike is wobbling in the neck. The guys that stopped to help were all bikers and they pushed it to my house. The one guys said that it simply won’t track straight at all and that’s not a good sign. Front rim might be bent too. The cop who came is also a biker, he said he’s never seen this much damage that wasn’t a write-off.

The driver? That motherfu….that *guy* tried to slip inside my right-hand turn. I was signalling for almost a full block, I triple-tapped the brakes BEFORE I slowed for my stop, I dropped into first, let off the clutch, leaned in to start the turn and BAM. He slipped inside ON MY RIGHT while I was making a right-hand turn. He even argued with the COP that I ran into him! The cop told me that he said to the guy  “Buddy, that’s just not how it works. All these witnesses saw him leading you down this one lane road for more than 100 yards. You cannot under any conditions be on that side of him, so even if he did turn into you, it’s still 100% your fault.”

I didn’t turn into him, BTW. He scraped the curb with his tire, he had to go so far over to the right to get between me and the turn. I was going maybe 5 miles an hour, and I had already started my turn when he tried to go around me on the inside of a right hand turn. He hit me going about 20 mph.It was just like you see in the movies…every moment is burned into my brain in exquisite detail. I knew the instant I felt the jolt. I thought “That gold Ford just hit me.” Then I thought “What the fuck is he doing on my right?” Then I thought “Holy shit my head just bounced off the ground.” And then I leaped up and tore after the guy. The witnesses thought I was going to pull him out of the truck and kill him. The cop told me that the first call was “motorcycle/vehicle accident” but then right after they got a call that the “biker was enraged and might hurt the driver.”

Yeah. I was mad. I just could not fathom why on earth anyone would think it was okay to come to the inside of someone making aright hand turn. And also? I HAD JUST GOTTEN HIT BY A TRUCK THAT TOTALED MY BIKE.

The driver was cited for passing on the right, and he does have valid insurance, so I am going after him with everything I got. Probably going to file some sort of personal injury lawsuit as well. Gonna talk that over with a lawyer ASAP.

The pluses: Armored leather jacket protected all my stuff. Skull Crush helmet, although non-DOT, was absolutely amazing. I smacked my forehead flat on the road, not a scratch, no headache, no concussion, no nothing. Those helmets are everything the company says they are. Also, the crash bars & hard saddlebags on the motorcycle protected my lower body. The real damage to me came from the fact that my LEFT hand stayed trapped between the handlebar and the clutch lever, and that’s what dislocated my finger. I was wearing armored gloves as well, and the knuckles on my right hand glove are scraped. Hand is fine though. WEAR YOUR PROTECTION. WEAR A HELMET. WEAR A JACKET. NEVER WEAR SHORTS, ALWAYS WEAR LEATHER BOOTS.

I AM UNDAUNTED. I will ride again, as soon as I can get a new bike and, well, the pain goes away.

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  1. Comment by Jody:

    omg jim! i’m glad you’re ok!!!!!!!!! *HUG*

  2. Comment by bgeek:

    Damn man, the next morning’s gonna suck. Glad you’re alright.

  3. Comment by Danielle:

    So glad you are ok!!

  4. Comment by Hal_10000:

    Jim, glad to hear you’re OK! I hope you do get what you deserve from this twerp. Most people I know try to more cautious around bikes, not less!

  5. Comment by Heather Solos:

    I am so glad you are okay. People can be such jerks.

    When I was younger I hit some sand on a turn and wiped out on my bike and I was stupid and not wearing leather. However, I did have on a full helmet. I haven’t ridden since, I had too many panicky moments just taking turns in my car after that. I had road rash from the belt of my jeans to my bra (my shirt didn’t protect worth a hill of beans).

    The helmet though? Saved my face. I hit the median with my chin, I probably would have had months of jaw wired shut and who knows how many broken teeth.

    The only damage to my bike was the loss of the rear turn signal.

    I had to go to a criminal arraignment over this crap because my husband took me home, so I could clean up before going to the hospital, and apparently that was considered leaving the scene of an accident even though I was the only one involved. And no one even pulled over to see if I was alright (my husband was in front of me and didn’t notice I’d gone missing for a couple of minutes). (The cop that showed up in my garage was a complete and utter, power mad jerk. I was in shock at the time (go figure). The judge was appalled and helped us handle it in the least painful way the system would allow.

    On an interesting note, at the hospital they used liquid cocaine to numb up the wound before scrubbing it (which was still probably one of the least fun things I’ve ever done)
    Heather Solos recently posted..Use the Water Test to Determine When Your Stainless Pan Is Hot Enough to CookMy Profile

  6. Comment by JimK:

    Heather – Oh I got the synthetic, injected into my finger because they tried to pop it back and it didn’t go. And I may have teared up a bit so they decided to numb it for the second try. The injected lidocaine hurt more than the first try and relocating!

    I got lucky. The cop was super, super cool and understood instantly what had happened. Very supportive.

    If you ever get back on two wheels, we’ll cruise. With helmets and leather, of course.

    Hal, jody, bgeek, danielle, thank you! I’m much better than I expected to be today. Sore but I’ve been worse. It’s the hand that’s killing me.
    JimK recently posted..And then I got hit by a truck. Literally.My Profile

  7. Comment by Salinger:

    Hope you get back on a bike soon. As a cyclist (pedal variety) I fully understand how scary a confrontation with a four thousand pound vehicle can be. Glad your injuries weren’t serious.

  8. Comment by DonnaK:

    I love you so much baby. *HUGE HUGS* *but gentle ones*

  9. Comment by harley:

    wow, man im glad you are ok, and break it off in this guys ass… seriously….

  10. Comment by working_man:

    If you are engaging legally, I recommend you stop talking about this online. Glad to hear you are okay.

    • Comment by JimK:

      That’s probably a good idea at this point. Although in my defense, this guy was so incredibly and obviously in the wrong that my lawyer said it will be hard to imagine any kind of defense. Even his current defense is actually an admission of guilt and responsibility. But yeah…I should clam up now.

  11. Comment by Rann Aridorn:

    Holy fuck. Just… fucking shit holy fuck.

    I can’t believe that society has degenerated to the point that some fucker was gonna be perfectly okay with killing you just so that he could save himself a couple of seconds.

    Or maybe that guy was just a sociopathic shitbag. Maybe that.

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